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Why Consider Abrasive Waterjet Technologies?

  • Quick programming and setup with minimal fixturing needed.
  • One tool for various machining functions across all materials.
  • Efficient material usage through nesting features and a 0.030 kerf.
  • Cutting doesn't introduce mechanical stresses.
  • Performs multiple conventional processes like drilling, sawing, and more.
  • Omni-directional cutting handles complex shapes without special tooling.
  • Works with a wide thickness and material range, including reflective and conductive materials.
  • Suitable for non-conductive materials like glass, stone, and plastic.
  • Handles hardened metals and low-melting-point materials.
  • Produces parts up to 2" thick with tolerances of ±0.003" to ±0.005".
  • Uses garnet as an abrasive with no harmful gases or liquids.
  • Provides smooth, satin-like finishes akin to fine sandblasting.
  • Maintains uniform surfaces at room temperature.
  • Minimal to no burrs, often eliminating the need for deburring.