Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files can be submitted?

For the Instant Quote, only upload DXF and DWG file formats. All other file types use the Custom Quote.

How many files can be uploaded at the same time?

From 1 to 25 files, for Instant Quote, any combination of DXF or DWG. The Custom Quote will accept all file formats.

What if my files are in millimeters (mm)?

The system default is inches; use the Units drop-down to select mm and double-check the measurements in the preview screen. If not done, then the system will return an erroneous pricing figure.

What if my drawing is not a 1:1 scale?

Set the scale of the drawing in the provided area and then apply it, double-check the measurements in the preview screen.

What if the Imported Parts preview screen does not show my part?

Usually, this means that the drawing is not clean and possibly having open entities, duplicate lines, or other issues. Submit your drawing through the Custom Quote, and we will clean it and return you a quoted part.

How do I know what material the system can quote?

Check the Materials page to see what material types are offered on the quoter. If you do not find what you are looking for, then submit through the Custom Quote.

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